A Travel Guide to Milos, Greece

A guide to Milos, Greece
What to know before you go to Milos, Greece
Sarakiniko beach, Milos

Milos is a wonderful island off of Greece, and can be accessed by a 40 minute flight from Athens or one of the other Greek islands, or via ferry. As much as I love the more popular islands like Santorini, Milos is a true oasis which captures more authentic Greek culture for a much lower cost and even less crowds. I highly recommend adding Milos to your Greek island itinerary, specifically towards the end of your busy trip so you can relax and enjoy a slower type of vacation after the hustle and bustle of Santorini or Mykonos.

The best advice I can give when traveling to Milos is to book a car (or quad!), and book it in advance! There are only a few local car, bike, and quad rental shops on the island, subjecting them to book up quickly, so you will likely not get lucky enough for a same day booking when you arrive. There is a bus route in Milos that is quite affordable, however, the time stops are not frequent making it a challenge to navigate the island. It is a more rural island with plenty of beautiful small towns and beautiful landscapes to see, so it is definitely worth while to secure transportation in order to see the most that you can!

In terms of length of stay, I recommend 3-4 days on the island. As I will discuss later, you will want to spend one full day on a boat excursion, and then the rest of the time can be left to explore the numerous towns, beaches, and amazing restaurants. Everything is quite spread out, so you’ll find yourself driving for about 30 minutes to get from destination to destination, so it requires at least a couple days to see everything. That being said, Milos is a quiet island with a low key night life, so if you are looking to party like you’re back in Mykonos, you may only want to stay for 2 days tops.

In terms of where to stay, the most walkable and lively towns include Adamantas and Plaka. Here you will find your picturesque white washed buildings with gray cobblestone alleyways and plenty of great places to eat. The best part of Milos is the food is significantly cheaper than the other popular islands, yet still just as delicious! I recommend staying in Adamantas if you are looking for some nightlife aspect, or alternatively, you do not have access to public transportation as the town is walkable and also where the ferry port is. If you are looking for a slightly quieter town to relax in, Pollonia is a beautiful beach town with restaurants lined right along the water and great sunset views. I stayed in Pollonia during my time in Milos in a wonderful Airbnb. It was such a quaint yet affordable stay, and the owner was so sweet and brought us fresh watermelon!

The very best thing to do in Milos is a boat tour! Polco Sailing is a great company that has full day and half day tours which include a delicious home cooked meal and drinks. What makes Milos so unique is the landscape, which is best seen on the water. Kleftiko is one of the most remarkable aspects of the island, which is a cave formation located on the southern aspect of the island with crystal clear blue waters…truly the clearest water I’ve ever seen! The boating tour takes you through the caves and allows you to snorkel, swim, and cliff jump. You’ll also sail pass Klima where there is a row of colorful fisherman houses, which are best seen from the sea.

Another must-see site is the famous Sarakiniko, also known as the “moon beach”, which consists of a gray-white colored formation of volcanic rock that takes the place of sand on a typical beach. This place is unreal. The rock formations on this are unlike any other, and are the perfect place for a photoshoot and a swim. This beach is free to go to and has ample amount of parking. It’s a great place to spend the day tanning or to watch the sun set. If you are looking for the best sunset spot on the island, however, be sure to check out the Castle of Plaka!